Manitou BF calls an Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on December 21, 2020, in order to propose the distribution of €0.50 per share to be paid out of reserves

The Board meeting of April 15, 2020 had decided, due to the uncertain environment linked to the health crisis, to waive the proposed dividend payment of €0.78 per share that had initially been announced March 3, 2020 when the 2019 annual results were published.

The Board of Directors had also mentioned that it could, after October 1st and subject to the context, convene a Shareholders' Meeting in order to approve a distribution of reserves for its shareholders, replacing the dividend.
In line with this approach and with respect to the latest business trends announced on October 28, the Board of Directors of Manitou BF met today to call an Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting on December 21, 2020, which will be asked to approve an exceptional payment of € 0.50 gross per share, to be paid out of reserves.


The Ex date date would be December 23, 2020 and payment date would be December 28, 2020.


The Board today co-opted Alexandra Matzneff as an independent board member of Manitou BF, replacing Carole Lajous who resigned as an independent board member last September. This cooptation is meant for Carole Lajous' remaining term of office, which will expire at the end of the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting to be held in 2021 to approve the financial statements for the 2020 fiscal year ended.


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