The administrative and management bodies are clearly defined, facilitating controlled governance and managerial cohesion that is in line with the group's ambition.

Executive Committee


Its tasks:

  • Develop strategic guidelines in full collaboration with the Board of Directors
  • Ensure implementation of the strategy
  • Lead and manage the group



From left to right:


Maxime Deroch, President, Services & Solutions division

Guillaume Rabel-Suquet,  Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Elisabeth Ausimour, President, Material Handling & Access division

Laurent Bonnaure, Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

Michel Denis, President & CEO

Hervé Rochet, Corporate Secretary – CFO
Richard L. Alton, President, Compact Equipment Products division


Board of Directors


Its role:

  • Determine the strategic direction of the company's business policies and ensure the implementation of strategy
  • Address any questions relating to the smooth operation of the company



From left to right:


Stéphane Renaud, employee board member

Dominique Bamas, independent board member

Carole Lajous, independent board member

Gordon Himsworth, board member

Sébastien Braud, board member

Jacqueline Himsworth, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Cécile Helme-Guizon, independent board member

Emilie Braud, board member

Pierre-Henri Ricaud, independent board member

Marcel-Claude Braud, board member

Christopher Himsworth, board member



Honorary Chairman


Marcel Braud, Honorary Chairman, founder of the Manitou forklift truck