The administrative and management bodies are clearly defined, facilitating controlled governance and managerial cohesion that is in line with the group's ambition.

Executive Committee


Its tasks:

  • Develop strategic guidelines in full collaboration with the Board of Directors
  • Ensure implementation of the strategy
  • Lead and manage the group


Comité exécutif 2017 Manitou Group


Michel Denis, President & CEO
Richard L. Alton, President, Compact Equipment Products division
Laurent Bonnaure, Executive Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Maxime Deroch, President, Services & Solutions division
Fernand Mira, President, Material Handling & Access division
Guillaume Rabel-Suquet,  Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Hervé Rochet, Corporate Secretary – CFO



Board of Directors


Its role:

  • Determine the strategic direction of the company's business policies and ensure the implementation of strategy
  • Address any questions relating to the smooth operation of the company



Jacqueline Himsworth, Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Christopher Himsworth, board member

Stéphane Renaud, employee board member

Cécile Helme-Guizon, independent board member
Emilie Braud, board member

Gordon Himsworth, board member

Sébastien Braud, board member
Marcel-Claude Braud, board member
Dominique Bamas, independent board member

Carole Lajous, independent board member
Pierre-Henri Ricaud, independent board member



Honorary Chairman


Marcel Braud, Honorary Chairman, founder of the Manitou forklift truck