Circular economy

Circular economy

From cars and phones to computers and fashion, many sectors have seen their business model shift in recent years from ownership to use. At the same time, recycling channels have continued to develop, with a growing awareness among citizens and professionals of the origin of raw materials, the “second-hand” market and waste reduction.
Through the “Circular Economy” pillar of its Elevation plan, Manitou Group is committed to offering its clients more responsible and affordable machines and services, including the possibility of renting, trading in or reselling equipment. The aim is to ensure more efficient and sustainable use, including by working at source on the materials used.

for 2025...

Innovate towards new economic models
Offer customers the chance to trade in their equipment to reinforce the circular offering (equipment and parts) and better address their end-of-life.

Optimise use of resources and work for longer lasting products
Measure and increase the proportion of recycled materials in products, and their rate of recyclability.


Reinforcing the circular offering
with the used equipment market

Manitou Group offers a service for the trade-in and resale of used equipment aimed at dealers and end customers. The website offers dealerships an easy way of selling on used handling solutions to their clients with a supervision and maintenance guarantee. A machine can also be reconditioned.


Offering parts
a second life

Manitou Group also markets an offering as an alternative to new parts with the range “ReMAN by Manitou”. These remanufactured spare parts reduce maintenance costs and give a second life to the used part. Reconditioned with original components, they are just as reliable as new parts, with an identical warranty.


Acting on packaging
to optimise use of resources

A programme to reduce spare parts packaging was introduced in 2020, in particular to reduce the use of plastic. When this material cannot be avoided, it must at least be recyclable and, if possible, made from recycled plastic.