Ethics and stakeholders

Ethics and stakeholders

The Elevation plan is the result of a wide-ranging consultation with the group’s stakeholders – in particular its employees, clients and partners – to determine their expectations. The pillar “A human and ethical company” is now placed at the centre of the CSR strategy, signalling a desire to closely involve all those who, at their own level, have a role to play in creating sustainable value that benefits everyone. For the entire Manitou Group ecosystem, which is a truly extended enterprise, improving skills, raising awareness and co-construction are the keys to making effective progress in this area. All of this is consistent with the group’s values: passion, commitment and reliability.

for 2025...

Champion equal opportunities and inclusion
Obtain an independent label in four countries to fight discrimination and promote gender equality.

Reinforce responsible procurement and sales practices
75% of group suppliers will be qualified in CSR and 100% of at-risk suppliers will benefit from specific monitoring.

Develop the Solidarity programme
1% of net profit will be dedicated to financial corporate patronage in the field of education.

Support talent management and job evolutions
100% of managers will receive training and have targets for CSR.

Strengthen Ethics in Manitou Group
Assess (ISO 19600) and certify (ISO 37001) anti-corruption processes in the most at-risk countries.


Tangible commitments
to equality of opportunity

Manitou Group, which already applies the principle of equal pay for equivalent positions in France, aims to go further with an international dashboard to measure and help manage cultural, gender and generational diversity and inclusion.
For 2023, the group scored 93/100 in the gender equality index introduced by the French government. 

Gender equality index

Gender equality within leadership bodies

Gender equality within executive management


Responsible procurement practices
with committed suppliers

In addition to the Responsible Procurement Charter deployed in 2014 among its suppliers, Manitou Group assesses their CSR performance and identifies opportunities to develop eco-responsible solutions with them. Some of them receive assistance to reach the required standards or to identify major risks upstream. This expertise requires that purchasing teams receive regular training in CSR audits and responsible procurement practices.


In-house skills
for the benefit of all

During their working hours, Manitou Group employees can volunteer to transmit their know-how to non-profits, schools or social insertion enterprises. The multiple needs range from welding, DIY and logistics to HR, administration and languages. More than 710 hours were given over to skill sponsorship activities in 2023.