Safety and working conditions

Safety and working conditions

Every day, more than 500,000 people around the world use machines made by Manitou Group. Whether in a factory, on a farm or on a construction site, the main priority remains safe user conditions, which lie at the heart of Manitou Group’s mission.
While the machines and services offered by the group’s various brands are inherently safe, there is nevertheless a real risk of accident. Choosing unsuitable equipment, lack of knowledge or improper use of machines are all well-documented risk factors.
To aim for zero accident, Manitou Group has therefore made “safety and the improvement of working conditions” one of the four pillars of its Elevation plan. In addition to supporting end users, this commitment includes protecting its own employees, whatever their geographical location or job position.

for 2025...

Support users and customers towards zero accident
100% of new machines will be fitted with a direct digital access to documentation and safety training for users.

Guarantee employee health and safety and improved working conditions.
100% of employees will be trained in the health and safety aspects of their positions.



Cutting-edge equipment
to protect users

In 2020, a “safety pack” was designed for a client in the construction sector. The goal: reduce risks to the health and safety of machine operators but also of their colleagues present on site. A true concentrate of protective equipment which in due course will be available on 100% of construction and mobile elevating work platforms ranges.


A one-stop website
to prevent risks

Launched in 2018, the web platform dedicated to the Reduce Risks programme is a collection of multiple resources relating to safety, such as online fact sheets and more than 300 video tutorials. Just one way of getting up to date on the best practices.


A safety culture
embedded within the group

The safety of its teams has always been in the genes of Manitou Group. In particular, its French sites have obtained ISO 45001 certification, the benchmark accolade. Risk prevention and training initiatives and occasions campaigns are regularly conducted to reinforce the safety culture in all teams.