A global & family group ...

Manitou Group was built around the vision of entrepreneurs wishing to develop efficient and safe solutions that reduce the burden of users and increase productivity.


Since the invention of the first rough-terrain forklift, the pursuit of innovation has always been the foundation of the great successes of Manitou Group.


Marcel Braud - MC5

In 1958, Marcel Braud dreamt up the idea of a novel machine. "Why not reverse the design of a farm tractor and add a lift mast and hydraulic steering to it?" The first rough-terrain forklift was born. It would drive the success of the company and lead to its global reach.

I had to find a name for these forklifts ... It'll be MANITOU, a name decided during a family brainstorming session: a forklift that «handles» everything! It is pronounceable in every language and is ideal for international development!

Marcel Braud, Founder of Manitou