You said “Special Solutions”?

In order to meet the specific needs of all of its users, Manitou Group has a dedicated team called “Special Solutions.” From technical feasibility studies and design all the way to production, this department specializes in special order customized machines and attachments.

Designed thanks to the group's expertise and formalized specifications, these models optimally meet very precise needs. The group shares feedback from a real-world example...

When the Manitou dealer met this disabled farmer in Alsace, he quickly took note of the issues its customer was facing. With a prosthetic on his right arm, he has been looking for a solution from several manufacturers to allow him to use a telehandler safely on a daily basis. Manitou Group was the only company able to give him a quick response that was suitable for his needs.

The group started with a standard model of the MLT 1040, then redesigned the ergonomics of the cabin. All of the machine’s joystick functions, located to the right of the driver's cab, were moved to the left. The hydraulic functions could then be accessed via a joystick installed to the left of the seat on a movable armrest that made it possible to easily enter and exit the cabin. The joystick on the right is still usable by an able-bodied person, thanks to a simple knob (a single machine often has multiple users at a CUMA). Other specially installed equipment includes a rearview camera with a screen located on the dashboard.
Anthony Lemasle, Special Solutions Manager at the Ancenis site explains: “We had the opportunity to invite the customer to the headquarters, which saved us precious time. We looked at the 3D plans together, made adjustments, and validated the project.”
Approximately six months after conducting the feasibility study on the request, the farmer received his telehandler, which met perfectly his expectations. The farmer benefited in part from an Agefiph grant for the equipment that was installed specifically for his disability.

Thanks to the willingness to listen of its dealers network and the expertize of its dedicated service “Special Solutions”, Manitou Group is able to meet all requests by manufacturing machines that address the specifications, disabilities, and constraints of its users, while seeing to their safety. This commitment is fully in line with its CSR approach, which it has followed for more than 8 years.