The Protech project approved by France Relance

As part of the France 2030 program, which aims to accelerate the transformation of key sectors of the economy through innovation, and position France as a leader in the world of tomorrow, Manitou Group's PROTECH project has been approved.


The project involves the development of intelligent safety solutions for handling equipment. It is in line with the "Technological maturation and demonstration of on-board artificial intelligence solutions" plan of the France 2030 program, and aims to support hardware and software innovations linked to on-board AI.


The project, which involves several partners including the LAAS CNRS laboratory, has been accredited by the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster, reinforcing its support and recognition in the field of technological innovation applied to the safety of mobile machinery.

Manitou Group's ambition is to design and develop a sensor system supervised by Artificial Intelligence (AI), in order to detect and prevent high-risk situations linked to the use of handling equipment designed and distributed by the group.

Sylvain Cadou, Advanced research Director, R&D dept.

This project bears witness to the strategic importance for Manitou Group of improving user safety and the safe use of handling equipment in co-activity situations, particularly present in the construction, agricultural and industrial sectors as a whole.



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