Overview of the hydrogen strategy

Manitou Group presents its roadmap for research and development on hydrogen-powered machines. An opportunity to present the first innovative prototype telehandler running on green hydrogen.


Energy transition acceleration

Following on from the recent electrification of its all-terrain platform and telehandler ranges, the group is also looking to hydrogen as a medium-term alternative for its users. Manitou Group wants to see its electric and hydrogen ranges side by side depending on each user’s applications, with a target of 43% low-emissions products marketed in 2030.


We are studying all the hydrogen-related technologies based on what users need. This prototype is only the first step. A second rotating telehandler prototype will be developed in the coming months. There are many benefits of green hydrogen with production possible using wind power that has no greenhouse gas emissions at all. This fits in perfectly with our low-carbon trajectory

Michel Denis, President & CEO

Press release