New website launch

Manitou Group is launching a new website dedicated to its iconic Manitou brand. The goals of its new public website,, are to increase the visibility of the Manitou brand internationally, offer a browsing experience tailored to each type of visitor, and highlight the dynamic and innovative aspects of the brand.

The Manitou brand is launching a brand new version of its website,, that is user friendly and intuitive.
“Full page” visuals are featured to provide a total immersive experience in which the visitor really feels that they are in their work environment.

Today, digital communication is customized and localized communication. We created editorial pages addressing business issues aligned as closely as possible with the reality in the field. This allows us to highlight the solution that meets the user’s needs.

Arnaud Boyer, VP of Marketing and Product Development

Through this site, the brand is also striving to increase its visibility in countries where it is not as well known as in France or Western Europe, in particular through search engine optimization based on targeted and optimized web content., which currently is available in three languages and will be available in many more in the future, addresses handling, personnel lifting, and earthmoving needs regardless of the user's region.


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