New CSR roadmap co-constructed as part of the UN PRME Innovation Challenge

On September 23rd, Manitou Group and a student team at the Asian Institute of Management in Manila presented the strategic orientations of the Group's new CSR roadmap, thanks to a 9-months work with the students. A work based on the objectives set by the United Nations within the framework of the PRME Initiative (Principles for Responsible Management Education).

Launched in 2007 by the United Nations, the PRME Initiative aims to incorporate sustainable development principles in business and management schools and develop the students of today into the responsible decision-makers of tomorrow.
In order to foster collaboration between companies and business schools focused on sustainability, PRME instituted the “PRME Innovation Challenge programme” in 2017. The program is an opportunity for companies to collaborate with innovative student teams from various business and management schools across the world.


For this 2020 edition of the Innovation Challenge, Manitou Group decided to join forces with a team from the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines. The objective of this collaboration: continuing the transformation and advancing the Group's CSR strategy in line with the expectations of its employees, customers, suppliers, and partners.

The critical analysis of our current approach and the methodology that the students have proposed to consult with our stakeholders won us over in particular. Given the global scale of the group, the cultural differences within the team combined with their international perspective of CSR challenges were also important elements in our decision.

Aude Brezac, CSR Director

This Innovation Challenge offers mutual advantages. The students are trained in sustainable management through practical case studies, while Manitou Group gains from quality support in redefining its CSR strategy.


Thanks to this collaboration with the Asian Institute of Management, Manitou Group is committed to implementing an action plan in the coming years to achieve the goal set by this new CSR roadmap.


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