Manitou Group’s support for the NEOLINE maritime transport project

The Manitou group confirms its support for the NEOLINE maritime project to transport its machines to the American market. This future innovative and environmentally-responsible line is part of the group's CSR approach.

The NEOLINE ro-ro cargo project, powered mainly by sails, plans to use 100% clean, free, and renewable energy: the wind. By showing its support for this economical and responsible solution, the group is continuing its innovative approach and objective of reducing its environmental impact.

With 80% of its revenues earned internationally, the Manitou group plans to transport more than 1,000 machines by ships from Europe to the U.S. in 2019. This new solution will optimize the dynamics of its international transport flows: efficiently distributing all of its machines and components around the world more efficiently with less environmental impact.


It is essential for the Manitou group that we have access to transport solutions that are both efficient and responsible. NEOLINE's proposal is a perfect fit for our operational needs.

Augustin Merle, Transport and Logistics Manager at the Manitou group


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