Manitou Group wins twice at the SIMA Awards

Manitou Group was awarded two Bronze Medals at the SIMA Awards ceremony in Paris on November 22, 2018. The Eco Stop function available on the MLT range of agricultural machines and the solution for recycling end-of-life Manitou equipment both received awards. These two innovations confirm the group's commitment to reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for users and the environmental impact of Manitou machines.

First of all, the jury members gave an award to Eco Stop, for its intelligent innovation and ease of configuration.
The principle is simple: the engine shuts off automatically when idling and when the driver is out of the cabin. Configurable from one to 30 minutes of inactivity, this function has been designed to meet the needs of all farming applications, always prioritizing user productivity.

Based on 15%, for one machine used for 1,000 hours per year over 36 months, the Eco Stop function will enable
the purchaser to save €4,500

Arnaud Sochas, Manitou Group's agricultural product line manager


The second prize won by the group was for another innovative solution: the dismantling of end-of-life machines. Already a pioneer in the material handling sector, with a committed CSR approach, the Manitou group wishes to promote the recycling of the various components of an end-of-life machine.

This procedure is based on three focal areas: organizational, economic and the third and final focal area relates to an analysis project to measure the environmental impact of this procedure.

Today, no manufacturers of material handling machines know what will happen to equipment at the end of its life. We need to offer responsible and sustainable solutions, and at the same time reduce our environmental impact.

Maxime Deroch, President of the Manitou group's Services & Solutions division,


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