Manitou Group joins the Business Convention for the Climate

On January 13th, Manitou Group signed its engagement with the French Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat (Ouest) 2023*.

Since 2020, the CEC is mobilizing French economic leaders to redefine their business models within planetary limits. To facilitate the process, the CEC elaborated a 10-month learning-doing program, including experts’ viewpoints, pedagogical and methodological inputs, using collective intelligence, as well as insights and inspiration from pioneers.


*Business convention for the climate


As an economic leader in our region, we ought to be an actor in its transition. This program will enable us to take the side step necessary to initiate a reflection on subjects of planetary stakes. Key regional stakeholders and transition experts will help enrich our group’s debate on its strategy and development

Hervé Rochet, Corporate secretary & CFO


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