Manitou Group and Kiloutou present the first “retrofit” telehandler

Manitou Group and Kiloutou, Europe’s third largest equipment rental company, are previewing the first “retrofit” electric telehandler. An opportunity for the groups to test a solution that is both sustainable and circular.


The retrofit is a transitional solution that is both sustainable and circular, with a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with an internal combustion machine.


This close collaboration with rental customers like Kiloutou shows just how important it is to join forces to make quicker progress on sustainable solutions for the users of our machines. This development is fully in line with the objectives of our CSR roadmap, which aims to make the circular economy a priority.

Michel Denis, President & CEO, Manitou Group

At a time when electric is set to become the norm and gradually replace fossil fuels, we see retrofitting as an alternative to mass replacement. It is perfectly aligned with a comprehensive fleet upgrade program, without the need to buy everything back. This project with Manitou Group pushes back the limits of the possible in terms of the circular economy and decarbonization.

François Renault, Director of Equipment & Sustainable Development, Kiloutou Group