Launch of the electric media campaign

Manitou Group is launching a media campaign on electrical energy. The group intends to reinforce its commitment to its energy transition and affirm its ambitions as a responsible leader.

2022 will be an electric year for the Manitou brand.


To accompany the launch of numerous low-emission products under the OXYGEN label, the group's historic brand has decided to increase its presence in a number of communication media to spread the word about its ambitions for its electric models. With the slogan "Reduce your emissions, raise your standards", this campaign underlines the group's ability to meet all the needs of its users, whether they are decision-makers, rental customers or major accounts.


We are hoping to accelerate the development of our electric ranges with numerous launches throughout 2022 and beyond. This campaign will showcase the new models while highlighting the benefits to our customers in terms of versatility, lower TCO and performance. Our goal is to show that the group is able to offer a virtuous solution to every handling need, in line with our CSR roadmap.

Arnaud Boyer, VP Marketing & Product development


Press release