Employees in charge of their own career paths

In order to achieve its goal and adapt to changes in business and practices, the company has reworked and expanded its skills development plan. The idea: to be able to meet employees’ needs with agility and help employees take charge of their career paths. A major HR modernization project was therefore launched.

Since 2016, Manitou Group has been designing and implementing new manager pathways in partnership with Audencia, a major business school and training organization in Nantes. These pathways mean that all new managers receive support when they first assume their duties and are given the opportunity to acquire management fundamentals. Experienced managers are also offered training modules to enhance their skills.
In 2018, the training team launched an e-learning platform called “Digital Campus”. This platform offers an extensive catalog of content in addition to the face-to-face training offerings for all of its connected employees. This platform serves several purposes:


  • Autonomous development of employees’ skills
  • Training in the skills necessary for tomorrow’s professions
  • Facilitating the dissemination of online training
  • Accelerating the company's digital transformation by educating its employees

Digital Campus is easily accessible and is designed to respond to and manage the new practices of the young talent, who search for information online and are accustomed to self-study.

At the same time, the group is reviewing its management of the skills development plan and spreading out training needs throughout the year instead of centralizing them only in the fall so as to achieve more agility and better respond to the urgent and varied needs of the business and the preferences employees express during interviews.

This new system, which was tested in 2019, has provided some convincing returns. Next step: give employees access to an exhaustive catalog of available training and encourage them to take charge of their career paths!