CSR & employees in motion: 5th episode of the series of podcasts

In 2019, Manitou Group has launched its first series of podcasts on Corporate Social Responsibility.

CSR? It is first of all a path, which Manitou Group proposes to take through 5 podcasts.
Thanks to the testimonies of employees, partners, suppliers and customers, this series gives auditors the opportunity to identify how everyone can progress, reinvent their business, innovate little by little and have a positive impact on their scale.

How is the CSR strategy perceived internally? What perception do colleagues have about this commitment? How and why do they participate? And finally, what does it contribute to their job and the company?

In this 5th episode, we’re going to meet Emmanuel Aubrée on the Manitou machinery production line and Hélène Bourdin who is an HR Specialist. Let’s take a journey to the engine room of Manitou Group.





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Episode 4: CSR & customer relationship

This fourth episode gives the floor to Bruno Calle, who uses Manitou machines on his farm, as well as three employees who explain the approach initiated by Manitou Group:
Arnaud Sochas, Innovation manager and Agri product manager 
Laurent Cuvelier, Special Solutions manager
Olivier le Pesquer, TCO manager for Services Development




Episode 3: CSR & customer relationship

In this third episode, Nicolas Menuet and Olivier Courpotin, respectively buyer and supplier, explain the responsible purchasing policy initiated by Manitou Group. The objective of this measure is to encourage suppliers to progress and innovate.





Episode 2: Transports of the future

In the second episode, Augustin Merle, Project & Logistics Manager and Michel Pery, President of Neoline, embark on the subject of transport and logistics. With a strong challenge in mind: Reduce the carbon footprint of the machines produced by Manitou Group.






Episode 1: CSR at the heart of the group's strategy

In the first episode, Jacqueline Himsworth, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Michel Denis, President and CEO, explain how CSR is at the heart of the group's strategic decisions and how it strengthens the company.