Announcement of acquisition of a majority stake in the Italian companies COME and Metal Work

Manitou Group has announced an agreement to acquire 75% of COME S.R.L, a company specializing in the production of mechanically welded parts, and 75% of Metal Work S.R.L, a company specializing in laser cutting. These investments will support the Group’s growth by integrating two upstream assembly stages for machines produced at the Manitou Group plant in Castelfranco (Emilia Romagna, Italy).


We’re proud of these alliances with COME and Metal Work, with whom we’ve already been working for over 20 years. We share the same sense of innovation, quality and industrial excellence. These acquisitions enable us to benefit from two key areas of expertise in the manufacture of our products, and to optimize our supply chain. We will of course continue to work and develop cooperation with all our suppliers, which is necessary to absorb the very high demand for our products

Marco Iotti, Managing director Manitou Italia


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