4th edition of “On the way up”

Manitou Group presents the 4th edition of its annual "On the way up" event dedicated to sustainability issues. Broadcast in over 40 countries, this fourth edition of "On the way up" continues to unite and inspire around the crucial subject of sustainability.


In order to humbly raise awareness of the issues it shares with its stakeholders, the group has chosen to focus its fourth edition on the urgency of the long term, addressing the crucial themes of adaptation, innovation and transformation.

With the help of suppliers, customers, students and the President of the IPCC for the Pays de la Loire region, the group aims to demonstrate the complexity of the society in which it operates, and the various environmental levers that can be used to accelerate its transition to an ever more sustainable model.


This event enables us to highlight best practices, initiatives and partnerships that enable us to move faster together with our stakeholders. The urgency of the long term is a daily issue at Manitou Group, with decisions that can have an impact over the next 10 to 20 years. It's vital to make the right choices today and continue to help set the world in motion.

Michel Denis, President & CEO


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