Manitou Group

Manitou Group

Manitou group is a French industrial compagny with an international scope, specialized in material handling design, assembly and distribution.


Founded by the Braud family 60 years ago, Manitou Group, whose heart lies in Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique - France), is today based in countries throughout the world and commercialized 5 brands : Manitou, Gehl, Mustang, Loc and Edge. With a revenue of 1.176 billion of euros in 2013, Manitou Group has more than 3,200 employees in 19 subsidiaries in the world.


CEO's message

Against the backdrop of a fragile economic recovery and strong tensions in the markets and prices, Manitou holds several trump cards for the challenges that the group faces: our capacity for innovation that has remained intact in an increasingly standards-driven environment, the breadth and consistency of our product offering, its continued expansion worldwide on markets that have a high growth potential, the loyalty of a highly professional and increasingly close-knit network offering a service that is consistent with our own, as well as our renewed ambition for performance and our fighting spirit.

I will devote myself to upholding and consolidating all of this know-how and these assets that are deeply and intrinsically embedded in Manitou’s genes. Our customers’ demands are just the mirror image of an increasingly complex and unpredictable world. To earn our customers’ trust, we must go back to our fundamentals, keep our organizations – now based on three divisions, including one for service - and our pcesses simple, and renew our proximity to all our stakeholders. Coupled with the CSR procedure that began two years ago in the group, these strategic initiatives will allow us yet again to demonstrate our commitment and firmly establish our position as the world’s leader. "


Michel Denis
President and CEO

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