Products & services

Products & services

Recycling without throwing away, using without buying …: these behaviors govern our daily lives as citizens, customers and users, and this extends into our business activities. Beyond the construction and sale of handling equipment, Manitou Group’s mission is to support users to work in an easy, secure and productive manner.


It is therefore Manitou Group’s responsibility to provide innovative products that are designed to last, but which can also be repaired and reused to reduce the impact on the planet’s resources. The group responds to these issues through the Reduce program.

for 2022...



Toward greater innovation

100% of new projects will include ecodesign and TCO criteria

Toward greater optimization

The number of “REDUCE” machines will be tripled in an effort to better combine safety, productivity and the reduction of environmental impact

Toward greater circularity

8% of our Parts revenue will derive from re-manufactured or reused parts

Toward a product service system

The rate of reduction in the total cost of ownership of the top 50% of the best-selling machines (in terms of revenue) will be multiplied by 5


A new use of products
through new services

Users are looking for affordable solutions that respond better to their daily needs in a society where usage takes precedence over ownership. Manitou Group is committed to providing new services that focus on the leasing, exchange and reselling of equipment. The aim is to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of machines and to ensure more efficient and responsible usage.

In practice

The “ReMAN By Manitou” range offers re-manufactured spare parts as an alternative to new parts to reduce the cost of maintenance and to give a second life to the used part. These refurbished parts have original components and offer the same reliability and warranty as new parts. 


and innovation

To meet the challenges of limited natural resources, Manitou Group is working to build a more responsible value chain and designs innovative machines that are built to last, repairable and recyclable, with low environmental impact logistics systems.

In practice

Manitou has adopted an "Ecodesign and TCO" checklist of 54 questions, intended for its design and purchasing departments. It will be used for all machine development.