Mindful of their health and work/life balance, employees around the world want to progress their careers in a company that values human capital. Manitou Group strives to provide its male and female employees with a good quality of life in a safe workplace, while also helping to protect the environment. Manitou Group also supports them in transforming their careers and thus encourages them to make a long-term commitment to the company.

for 2022...



Toward more safety

Reduce the frequency rate of accidents by 10% and the severity rate by 14%

Toward more diversity

Increase the total number of women within the group to 850

Toward greater well-being

Guarantee that 100% of the entities have launched at least one initiative to improve the employee experience

Toward more commitment

Reach 72% of committed employees according to the internally conducted opinion poll

Toward more solidarity 

2,200 hours of volunteer service will be offered by the group


Health, safety
and environment

Heavy loads, awkward postures, pollution: every day, the group's machine operators face risks in the course of their work. To ensure the safety of everyone at all times, Manitou Group trains its teams to maintain safe working conditions and protect the environment.

In practice

The accident severity rate and accident frequency results are integrated into the appraisal of the managers' performance to ensure that defined action plans are deployed at all levels of the company.



With an international presence and a diverse range of customers, Manitou Group cultivates the diversity of its teams by ensuring equal treatment of individuals, without discrimination. The group guarantees the integration of employees with disabilities, promotes the transfer of essential skills, and ensures diversity in all positions and responsibilities.

In practice

The internal network, Wo'Men by Manitou Group, brings together more than 60 men and women who work for professional equality by organizing conferences and events to raise awareness of gender diversity or mentoring programs.


Manitou Group supports initiatives to promote gender equality within the company. For several years, the company has implemented a policy and indicators to monitor its performance in terms of gender equality, enabling the group in France to obtain a score of 87/100 on the government's Gender Equality Index in 2020. Manitou Group is determined to pursue its continuous improvement approach and continues to consult with its social partners with the aim of achieving a score of 100/100.



at work

Well-being at work is an essential factor in the attractiveness of a company and in employee performance, which is why Manitou Group ensures a more balanced and motivating daily life for its teams. The group is working to improve the employee experience and integrate new ways of working.

In practice

The regular presence of a social worker on the French sites has made it possible to establish a confidential support system for employees in need of social support.



In order to be able to continue to offer products and services that are responsive to market developments, Manitou Group needs passionate and engaged employees. The group works to increase the participation of its teams by promoting conditions that are conducive to their success and by stimulating their entrepreneurial spirit.

In practice

An internal opinion survey measures satisfaction and commitment in all the regions where the group has a presence and within each department. Multiple exchanges with volunteer collaborators have made it possible to formulate avenues for improvement through around 100 action plans.