Companies are transforming their businesses to meet growing expectations regarding social and environmental issues. In this context, Manitou Group seeks to create shared value in the territories where it operates. The group works to co-create sustainable solutions with its value chain and civil society actors. The group encourages regular dialogue with its stakeholders and promotes fair and responsible practices.

for 2022...



Toward more confidence

25% of total sales at our dealers will be labeled "Partner Dealership" (dealers with CSR best practices)

Toward more ethics

100% of group managers will be trained in and made aware of anti-corruption issues and ISO 19 600 certification

Toward more value

60% of suppliers will be CSR certified

Toward more education

1% of the net group profit will be dedicated to financing educational actions



A more responsible value chain requires long-term and equitable relationships with reliable suppliers. Manitou Group shares its commitments for best practices with its suppliers to enable everyone to remain efficient and innovative.

In practice

In parallel with the Responsible Purchasing Charter deployed to all suppliers, Manitou Group proposes that its suppliers evaluate their own performance in various areas (CSR policy, payment conditions, balance of the relationship, etc.) by means of the reverse quotation system.



Manitou Group operates in a variety of territories and aims to meet specific local needs. To contribute to the vitality of these territories, the group encourages its network of end customers and dealers to contribute to local CSR actions. Manitou Group also engages in regular dialogue with regional stakeholders and shares its own responsible practices.

In practice

Each year, sales teams involve dealers around the world in civic projects. Manitou Australia links its local dealers to its Modified Rugby Program (MRP) partnership, which gives children with learning disabilities an understanding of and opportunity to practice this new form of tactile rugby.


business practices

Companies must increasingly demonstrate best practices. Manitou Group has implemented a governance system that places equity and integrity at the heart of its business. The group recognizes its responsibility with respect to all its stakeholders and its impact on the environment.

In practice

All the members of the Executive Committee are trained in topics related to business ethics and fair practices.


and citizenship

Manitou Group has a role to play in improving people's daily lives and building a more responsible society and a more sustainable environment. The group engages in community projects involving sponsorship, volunteering and education to encourage the creation of initiatives that will have a positive impact.

In practice

In education, the "Handling the future" challenge, created specifically for students, is intended to promote and encourage sustainable innovation in industry. The first two versions allowed the students to devise innovative handling solutions and the future workstation of an operator.