CSR strategy

"To be THE material-handling reference, Manitou Group has decided to factor Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its strategy. Along with growth targets and unique market positioning, CSR forms the tripod on which the group will base its future development, incorporating social and environmental criteria. Manitou Group is ultimately aiming for an integrated CSR model, in which CSR is seen as a new decision-making criterion in the group’s operations, and as a strategic marker."
Hervé Rochet, CFO 


PUSH & PULL Strategy                                                                                          


Breaking with decades of cyclical performance, application markets were more hesitant, less predictable and more chequered in 2012. Micro-trends, local pockets of activity and sectoral wait-and-see attitudes prevented any general trend or single direction from emerging. We must be able to reconcile all of these differences without compounding them. However, we can also find new opportunities or work to make ourselves more successful.


This is why the group designated 2013 “Push & Pull” year:
- to adapt to the new environment: managing new volatility and reduced visibility as best we can, and targeting any opportunities in terms of solutions or international markets;
- to ensure consistency in the industry: downstream with dealers and rental companies, and upstream with suppliers and OEM partners, through shared vision and resources and more responsible relations;
- to reform internal ways of thinking: overcoming rigidity and passiveness to become more fl exible, reactive and determined.


“Push & Pull” is also a way of continuing the efforts of the last three years: Manitou Next! in 2010, Manitou Up! in 2011 and Manitou More! in 2012. Growth and performance are not mutually exclusive - they are interdependent: for all of us, for our customers, for our partners, for our shareholders, for employment, sales & marketing, brand awareness and the financial profile. Working together for the last three years, we have done much more than just hold on to what we have.We have given it meaning, coherence and strength. There is still massive room for improvement but the road ahead is mapped out for long-term success.

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